one hANDLE - three grip methods

Ergo method Angles90

Ergo option

This handle position imitates the form and angles of your hand. This is the most ergonomic option, because the stronger part of your hand (the middle) does the most work while relieving the pressure on weaker parts of your grip. Ideal for high reps (12-20).

Power method Angles90

Power option

Just pull the strap to the other side so that the grip tails are looking upwards. You now have one half of a gymnastic ring! With the power option, the weaker parts of your hand get supported so you can lift or pull heavier weights. Ideal for 7 to 12 reps.

Grip option Angles90

Forearm option

When using the ergo or power grip, just put your ring or index finger between the strap onto the ergonomic finger cavity. This increases the difficulty of gripping the handle, thus strengthening your grip and encouraging your forearms to work much harder.



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