Deadlifts - More efficient in the neutral grip

Deadlifts performed with a "t-bar" (a bar typ that lets you train in the neutral grip) resulted in more strength and explosiveness compared to conventional deadlifts with a straight bar. Deadlifts in the neutral grip can also be done by using Angles90.

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Size - Train muscles, not movements

If you train a certain exercise only, your performance will only increase for that specific exercise. This means you won't get better at other movements which require that same muscle. So if you are only exercising pull-ups in the overhand grip, it's likely you won't see that result at other grip angles. With Angles90, you can add dynamic, whole-movement exercises to your workout.


Pull-ups - Best with rotating grip

In comparison to overhand grip pull-ups or underhand grip pull-ups (also chin-ups), the researchers revealed that by using a rotating grip instead, your lats get activated more intensively. In addition, you tend to have more strength than in the other two grip methods.


Shoulders - injured most often

More than 10 studies have found that resistance training can lead to a wide range of shoulder injuries. Approximately a third of all gym goers currently struggle or used to struggle with this issue. The causes can be many. Focusing on the wrong grip positions is one of them.


Isometric training - new muscle stimuli

Isometric resistance training (which can also be performed with the A90 Connector) challenges your muscles with other stimuli than isonotic training/ conventional hypotrophy training does, because it keeps your muscles under permanent tension.



Extremely comfortable for patients with wrist problems, since they can freely choose their grip position. Also the form of the handle was judged positively by our clients. A good alternative to pre-defined grips in gyms.
— Oliver Schmidtlein (OS Physio), former Fc Bayern physiotherapist, Munich
Oliver Schmidtlein Angles90
As a canoeist, for years I’ve been doing heavy barbell rows. Somehow though, it has always bothered me to only use the overhand or underhand grip, since our sport actually requires much more dynamic movements. Angles90 allows me to solve exactly this problem.
— Jakob Weger, two-time European champion in Kayak (2015/2016)
Jakob Weger Angles90
Angles90 allows me to execute the most fundamental back exercises out of countless new angles – and this fosters my size and strength development. Moreover, the ergonomic handle form confers me a nice grip feeling.
— Stefan Hauser (Bodybuilding), multiple vice champion of the Bavarian Championships
Stefan Hauser Angles90
One of the few fitness product innovations this year I really think are interesting.
Dr. Till Sukopp Angles90
As professional athletes always strive for perfection, I am constantly looking for training tools which can optimize my performance. After the very first deadlift reps with Angles90 I felt a clear quality difference already.
— Werner Heel (ski racer), vice-champion at Super-G Worldcup 2009
Werner Heel
The use of Angles90 is practically changing the way how your shoulders get loaded. The glenohumeral joint/ AC joint is not being exposed to maximum stress levels anymore which in turn implies in less cartilage damages. In other words: The risk of arthrosis is being lowered.
Dr. Kaisidis Angles90
If certain athlete’s need to train with higher loads, including Angles90 in their workout makes sense. It simply lets you train more functionally compared to conventional machines and grips.
— Markus Bauer, physiotherapist and osteopath, Bolzano.
Markus Bauer Angles90
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